You Get That From Me

Book cover for 'You Get That From Me'
Genre Fiction


Mar 2023
  • UK Hodder & Stoughton

Stella thought she knew how her life would turn out. A stellar career, the perfect husband (not like her own good-for-nothing dad), two gorgeous children, a dog to take on muddy countryside walks. But here she is: forty, single, living with her mum and grandmother, and trying to choose the ideal sperm donor out of a catalogue.

Bonnie might be an expert in genetics, but she knows there are some things you shouldn't hand down to your children - like the secret of what really happened in her marriage forty years ago.

Florence has raised two generations of wonderful women in this house - but her life, and the story of her blissful marriage, are more complicated than she's ever admitted.

When all three women start writing down their stories for Stella's unborn child, the secrets and memories woven into the house begin to resurface. You can't choose your family - but maybe you can choose what you make of it...

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