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CUT ADRIFT is the Sunday Times Crime book of the month

Refugee camps are desperate places, especially for women and children. Jane Jesmond’s riveting second novel, Cut Adrift (Verve £9.99), plunges her heroine, Jen Shaw, into the chaos of a camp in Malta. It’s a far cry from the Cornish setting of Jesmond’s debut, On the Edge, where Jen’s skills as a free climber saved her life. Now she’s trying to contact her wayward mother, Morwenna, and is astonished to find her teaching yoga to refugees on the island. It offers the women a respite from simmering tensions in the camp, but Jen has barely arrived when Morwenna’s Libyan friend, Nahla, dies in suspicious circumstances. Jesmond’s first novel marked her out as an original voice in crime fiction, and the new book shows how the conventions of the genre can be used to reveal a personal tragedy.