Deal Announcement

Amanda Brooke signs with HarperCollins for books 12 and 13!

HarperCollins have announced a new two-book deal with bestselling author Amanda Brooke. Editorial director Kate Bradley acquired World Rights from Hannah Schofield at LBA.

Amanda’s books include the bestsellers Yesterday’s Sun, a Richard & Judy Pick, The Missing Husband and The Widow’s Club. She started writing as a way of coping after the death of her young son and in the last decade has written eleven psychologically gripping and emotional novels.

Kate Bradley said: ‘It’s incredible to think that Amanda has written and published over ten books in as many years. Not only is Amanda supremely talented and prolific, her compelling and highly charged novels always deliver. She has the remarkable ability to blend multi-layered plots and psychological tension with huge poignancy and all of her books pack an emotional punch. From the very beginning she has inspired fanatical devotion from her fans and as we embark on this next step of Amanda’s successful career I can’t wait for the new book – she keeps me on the edge of my seat just like all her readers!’

Amanda Brooke said: ‘I signed my first book deal with HarperCollins back in 2011 and could never have imagined I’d be signing up for books twelve and thirteen almost a decade later. I’ve loved working with Martha Ashby and Kate Bradley, and creating complex characters with highly emotional arcs is very much a team effort. I feel truly blessed.’

Hannah Schofield said: ‘I am delighted that HarperCollins will be championing new books from the tremendously talented Amanda Brooke. Readers, get ready for more delicious, twisty suspense!’

HarperCollins will publish A Good Liar in spring 2021. The first book on Amanda’s new contract will publish in spring 2022 and will tell the story of a woman is haunted by her dying mother’s last days, and a secret that has the power to destroy her family.