Book cover for 'Warrior'
Genre Fiction


May 2023
  • UK Headline

AD 18, Britannia.

The Roman Empire rules much of the known world. Beyond the northern frontier lies Britannia, where ceaseless feuding amongst the Celts leaves the island vulnerable to Rome's ambitions.

Caratacus, son of a powerful king, has no premonition of destiny when he is dispatched to train with the Druids. A brutal regime transforms the young prince into a warrior with unparalleled military skills - and the strategic cunning essential to outwit a stronger enemy.

Nothing can prepare a man for the vicious reality of war. When Caratacus's father takes a stand against aggressive neighbouring tribes, the combat exercises are over; this is a fight to the death. Only the most ruthless of tactics offer any hope of victory. But Caratacus, and the loyal comrades willing to ride with him into hostile terrain, are ready to do whatever it takes - and endure any hardship - to defeat those set on destroying their kingdom . . .

As mayhem and carnage spread across the land, everywhere can be felt the malign influence of Rome. Even if the battle is won, conflict with the Empire lies ahead.

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