Veggie Desserts & Cakes

Book cover for 'Veggie Desserts & Cakes'
Genre Non-Fiction


May 2018
  • UK Pavilion
Winner for Best Blog at 2017 Soil Association prestigious BOOM Awards (Best of Organic Market Awards). 'An inspirational, beautiful book' - BBC Good Food magazine Vegetables have never been more popular, with the interest in natural, plant-based food at an all-time high. Meanwhile, the appetite for home baking shows no signs of abating. Food writer Kate Hackworthy, author of the popular site, has found a delicious way to combine the two, with this book of scrumptious cakes and desserts packed full of healthy veg. Pushing the boundaries of carrot cake, Kate puts vegetables into cakes, muffins, biscuits, tarts, brownies, pastries and even ice cream. Vegetables bring moisture, natural sweetness and extra nutrients to your baking, with the happy consequence that less refined sugar and fat is required, resulting in great-tasting treats that are also a lot less naughty. With 60 original recipes, including vegan options, virtuous snacks and lighter ways to bake cakes, this book is not about sneaking veggies into recipes, but celebrating them as hero ingredients and making them as much a part of dessert as they are of dinner. Recipes include: Kale and Apple Cake with Apple Icing, Butternut Squash Spiced Muffins, Black Bean Chocolate Brownies, Avocado Key Lime Tarts, Turmeric, Carrot and Orange Ice Lollies, Cauliflower Chocolate Churros.