Trust No One

Book cover for 'Trust No One'
Genre Fiction


Jun 2018
  • UK Penguin
THEY FOUND HER WHEN SHE WAS TEN. Locked in a sensory-deprivation tank. Trapped for days in the dark. Listening to the same message over and over: 'My name is Sara Eden. My name is Sara Eden. Her memory gone, this is all Sara knows about herself. There were a handful of clues. A battered necklace. A few scraps of paper. And a polaroid of a stranger with a handwritten note: 'Don't trust this man'. Now an adult, Sara knows a few more things. That the government agents pursuing her will never stop. And that the only path to her identity is to find the man she must not trust. But there is something else in Sara's past that is more dangerous, more deadly, than her pursuers. And the only thing she knows for certain is that she must TRUST NO ONE