The Wine Flavour Guide

Book cover for 'The Wine Flavour Guide'
Genre Non-Fiction


Sep 2024
  • UK Square Peg

What if there was a method for picking the best wine for you, on any budget and for any occasion? The Wine Flavour Guide is the illustrated book all wine lovers and connoisseurs need.

Sam Caporn is one of just over 400 people in the world to hold the expert status of Master of Wine. Drawing on three decades of experience tasting thousands of bottles as a consultant for brands and supermarkets, she created the Wine Flavour Tree infographic to demystify the 10 major categories you’ll encounter. In this informative visual guide to flavours, Caporn, the Mistress of Wine, covers everything you need to know about choosing and enjoying wine at any price points, throughout the seasons.

· How to decode any wine label and buy the best value bottle
· Which wines you are likeliest to enjoy on a menu
· Simple expert tips for pairing your meal with a delicious wine
· What the names of wine styles can tell you about quality
· How wine is made and categorised around the world

By mastering the Wine Flavour Tree, you’ll never stand in the wine aisle for long, order the second cheapest option on the menu, or pick wines that overwhelm your palate again.