The Garden on Holly Street: Summer Shoots

Book cover for 'The Garden on Holly Street: Summer Shoots'
Genre Fiction


May 2019
  • UK Orion
As summer sets in, things heat up for the residents of Willow Court in the final part of this heart-warming series. Ernie and Abby are left reeling after the shocking news about Arthur. Struggling to cope with everything that has happened, Abby turns to the beautiful and kind gardener, Jason. She knows they can't be together - it's too risky given the tragic pasts they both share - but she can't help feeling drawn to him, like he might be the answer to the most important question. After the news about Arthur, Ernie's father, Neil, is spending more time at home when he notices his boy retreating into himself. But this seems to go deeper than sadness for his (somewhat unlikely) friend - Ernie seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders and he is behaving in a very un-Ernie-like way. But how can Neil help his son if they can't talk to each other? As the garden begins to bloom and take shape, the boundaries between neighbours fall away. They become bound to together by what they have built - but will Arthur survive? And how will his new family cope if he doesn't?

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