The Garden on Holly Street: Spring Seedlings

Book cover for 'The Garden on Holly Street: Spring Seedlings'
Genre Fiction


Mar 2019
  • UK Orion
Part One of the feel-good series about finding your soulmates and your place in the world for fans of Cathy Bramley, Holly Hepburn, Heidi Swain and Kirsty Greenwood. Meet the neighbours of Willow Court . . . Newly single Abby has just moved in after finding an explicit message on her boyfriend's phone that was definitely not from her. Then, when she thought things couldn't possibly get any worse, she loses her job. Having been in a relationship for so many of her thirty-six years, she feels utterly helpless and in need of something - but she has no idea what that could be. Seven-year-old Ernie spends much of his day playing Zombies in the communal gardens. It's more a demolition site than a flowerbed, but he loves it out there. It helps him forget that his mum isn't around and that his dad is away so much with work. Lucky for them both, Ernie and Abby are about to become good friends. But only after they have run-ins with Arthur. The old man likes his quiet and is a stickler for routine. He's been that way since his treasured wife, Julia, died a year ago. Although Arthur isn't aware of it, he's slowly pulled away from life and everything he ever loved about it - what's the point, anyway, without Julia by his side? And that eyesore of a garden reminds him every day of losing her . . . All three are lonely, all three are lost. But with a little nurturing, can they find their way back to happiness?

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