The Exes

Book cover for 'The Exes'
Genre Children's


May 2024
  • UK Penguin

Can opposites ever really attract?

When star-crossed lovers Karim and Zara's worlds collide, they have to work out just how far they’re willing to go to give their love a chance.

When Karim and Zara meet, sparks shouldn’t fly.

They’ve got nothing in common: Karim - with his on-and offline clique, The Exes - is a globally renowned influencer. Zara is just a normal teen, trying to get into uni, and not bring shame to the family by getting distracted by silly boys.

Sparks do fly though.

With Zara, Karim can finally let his guard down, while his glamorous world offers Zara an escape from her parent’s control.

But someone has their eye on them – a secret gossip who’s been spilling truths about The Exes for years.

While Karim and Zara’s dates get swoonier, the blogger’s posts get more personal – and more threatening.

Can Karim and Zara unmask their tormentor in time to get their happily ever after? Or does fate have other plans in store for them?