The Dare

Book cover for 'The Dare'
Genre Fiction


Mar 2021
  • UK Bantam Press
  • US Ballantine Books
  • France Les Escales
  • Germany dtv
As a child, it was just a game. As an adult, it was a living nightmare. When teenage friends Lizzie and Alice decide to head off for a walk in the countryside, they are blissfully unaware that this will be their final day together – and that only Lizzie will come back alive. Lizzie has no memory of what happened in the moments before Alice died, she only knows that it must have been a tragic accident. But as she tries to cope with her grief, she is shocked to find herself alienated from Alice’s friends and relatives. They are convinced she somehow had a part to play in her friend’s death. Twelve years later, unpacking boxes in the new home she shares with her fiancé, Lizzie is horrified to find traumatic memories and paranoia suddenly surfacing. Is the trauma of the accident finally catching up with her, or could someone be trying to threaten her new-found happiness? Twelve years is a long time to wait, when you’re planning the perfect revenge . . .

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