The Christmas Postcards

Book cover for 'The Christmas Postcards'
Genre Fiction


Oct 2022
  • UK Pan Macmillan
  • Finland Otava
  • Italy Newton Compton

It had been a make-or-break holiday for their marriage, but Natasha and Rob’s rekindled romance is short-lived when their daughter’s beloved soft toy, Moola, disappears on the journey home.

As Natasha comforts a distraught Mabel, she turns to social media to help locate the toy. Miraculously, Moola is found. But her new guardian, Duffy, is thousands of miles away, trekking the Himalayas with Moola as his lucky mascot.

When Duffy promises to keep Natasha updated with pictures of Moola on her travels, the pair begin a daily correspondence that soon becomes more meaningful to both of them. Sometimes, Natasha feels this stranger understands her more than the man lying next to her.

But as the weeks pass and Duffy heads deeper into the mountains, Natasha begins to notice a change in him. Then one day, the messages stop.

Is Moola lost forever? Is Duffy?

Too late, Natasha wonders why Duffy had ever needed a lucky mascot at all.