The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimise Your Hormonal Health

Book cover for 'The Balance Plan: Six Steps to Optimise Your Hormonal Health'
Genre Non-Fiction


Oct 2017
  • UK Aster

'The wellness world's new holy grail is hormone harmony' - ES Magazine

'I can't function without coffee'

'I need my daily fix of chocolate'

'I look puffy and retain fluid easily

'I'm hungrier than I used to be but never feel satisfied'

'I struggle to lose weight no matter what I try'

Sound familiar?

These are complaints that nutritionist Angelique Panagos hears every day. Time and time again, they're caused by the same thing - hormonal imbalance. The Balance Plan explains how to tune in to your hormones and make the changes necessary to bring them into balance. Take the six steps, follow the 28-day plan and transform your life!

- Sleep better

- Enhance digestion

- Lose weight

- Reduce stress

- Elevate energy levels

- Feel happier