The Agency For Scandal

Book cover for 'The Agency For Scandal'
Genre Children's


Jan 2023
  • UK Scholastic

London, 1897:

Meet Isobel Stanhope

  • noted society wallflower
  • heiress to absolutely no fortune whatsoever, thanks to her father;
  • a rather skilled locksmith, also thanks to her father.

Oh, and one other little detail: Isobel works for a very secret agency of female private detectives, who work in the shadows of society to protect women when their husbands, families and even the law of the land will not. There is no trouble too small, no scandal too terrible, for Isobel and her fellow agents.

HOWEVER, the agency’s latest case has thrown Izzy in the path of Max Vane, aka the Duke of Roxton and only the handsomest man in England. He also happens to be the unrequited love of Izzy’s life – but she is a consummate professional who will let nothing distract her from her work. Besides, would someone like the Duke even notice a wallflower like Izzy – and if he did cast his gaze her way, what if he saw all her secrets?

Now that would be rather scandalous

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