Book cover for 'Supereating'
Genre Non-Fiction


Jan 2008
  • UK Quadrille
In "Supereating", renowned nutritionist Ian Marber reveals a groundbreaking approach to diet and nutrition that allows you to maximise the goodness you get from the food you eat. He goes beyond the increasingly common one-step approach of 'Get more x in your diet to cure y' to bring in the vital but hitherto generally sidelined interplay of nutrients. For example, it is not enough to increase the amount of calcium in your diet as without the complementary effects of magnesium the benefits can be almost completely lost. The book investigates the interplay between vitamins and minerals, and of these with probiotics and phytochemicals, and demonstrates how the Super eating approach can be used to optimum effect, combating many major health issues by helping the nutrients in your food help each other. He applies the principles of Supereating to particular areas of wellbeing and examines a wide range of foods, showing how superfoods can become super meals.

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