Small Secrets

Book cover for 'Small Secrets'
Genre Fiction


Oct 2023
  • UK Thomas & Mercer

Four years in, Stevie and Nate’s true-crime podcast, All the Gory Details, is forced onto hiatus when their conclusions in their first-ever episode, about the unsolved murder of teenager Lauren in their hometown seventeen years ago, are proven wrong. Their mistake ruined a life, and Stevie and Nate are still reeling from the consequences.

Still, when a fresh murder frighteningly similar to Lauren’s is brought to their attention, Nate is adamant that they should resurrect the podcast. He tells a hesitant Stevie that this is their chance to redeem themselves, and maybe even to solve the murder for real. But when Nate becomes fixated on the podcast above anything else, Stevie begins to wonder if she really knows Nate after all…

When a second murder changes everything, it suddenly seems as if Stevie is inside one of her own episodes. How well do either of them really know what happened back then―or each other?

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