Polly's War

Book cover for 'Polly's War'
Genre Fiction


Sep 2000
  • UK Hodder & Stoughton
The war might be over, but for Polly and her family the struggle continues… With the end of WW2 Polly Pride feels as though the fighting has moved to her own home. Her son, Benny, is mixed up with some unsavoury characters but continues to pull the wool over his mother’s eyes. Daughter Lucy is carrying on with a fancy man behind her husband’s back, leaving her children to run riot. And Charlie, Polly’s beloved husband, is battling ill health and doesn’t want her interfering. Polly risks losing all she’s worked so hard to achieve, but refuses to go back to Ancoats area of Manchester and a life of grinding poverty. She will sacrifice all she has before she stands by and watches her family tear itself to pieces… A dramatic and emotional story of one woman’s story to keep her family together. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Kitty Neale.