Others Like Me: The Lives of Women without Children

Book cover for 'Others Like Me: The Lives of Women without Children'
Genre Non-Fiction


Jun 2024
  • UK Dialogue
  • Canada House of Anansi

A deeply personal exploration of childless and childfree women - in their own words.

Others Like Me is the story of fourteen women around the world, from different walks of life, who don’t have children. It’s also the story of why Nicole Louie had to find these women and what they taught her.

Part memoir, part exploration of childlessness through candid conversations, this book showcases the many ways in which people find fulfilment outside of parenthood.

And because the social expectation to procreate weighs the most on women, Louie focuses solely on them, their experiences and how they flourish outside of motherhood. In doing so, she upends the stereotypes that diminish women who are not mothers by choice, infertility, circumstance or ambivalence and offers reassurance and companionship on a path less known.