Midsummer House

Book cover for 'Midsummer House'
Genre Fiction


Jun 2022

Charlotte Fraser, uber-organised control freak, takes a leap out of her comfort zone with a one-night stand in the city. There’s no way, after all, that she’s ever going to bump into the handsome millionaire businessman ever again…

Back home in Applemore, she’s determined to get her hands on Midsummer House, the dream property for her holiday cottage business – even if that means giving in to the slightly odd request by the eccentric owner that she house-sit for three months while she takes a trip around Europe to make her mind up about selling.

High-flying city trader Rob Jones is at an unexpected loose end when his long-lost aunt Frances calls looking for finance advice. He hasn’t been back to visit since the tragedy which cut the threads that bound his family together, but deciding to make amends, he heads to the Highlands to stay at her place and help out with some repairs…

With both having a reason to stay, it’s a battle of wills to see who’ll give in and move out first. Rob realises that Charlotte is determined nobody should know about their one night stand – but with the undeniable attraction between them, how easy is it going to be?

As the village of Applemore casts a welcoming spell on Rob, he starts to wonder if he’s got his priorities in life all wrong… but if he stays put, where does that leave Charlotte’s plans for Midsummer House?

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