London: The Information Capital

Book cover for 'London: The Information Capital'
Genre Non-Fiction


Oct 2014
  • UK Penguin

When do police helicopters catch criminals? Which borough of London is the happiest? Is 'czesc' becoming a more common greeting than 'salaam'? Geographer James Cheshire and designer Oliver Uberti could tell you, but they'd rather show you. By combining millions of data points with stunning design, they investigate how flights stack over Heathrow, who lives longest, and where Londoners love to tweet. The result? One hundred portraits of an old city in a very new way.


WINNER - 2015 British Cartographic Society Award

WINNER - 2015 John C. Bartholomew Award for Thematic Mapping

WINNER - 2015 Stanfords Award for Printed Mapping

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