Lily Bennett's Bucket List

Book cover for 'Lily Bennett's Bucket List'
Genre Fiction


Sep 2022
  • UK One More Chapter, HarperCollins

What would Lily Bennett do?

This is the question Lydia Grey finds herself repeatedly asking ever since she discovers Lily’s bucket list at the bottom of her shopping trolley. Lily clearly knows how to live life and it’s about time Lydia started to live hers. And what better start than to tick off all Lily’s life-long dreams . . .

1. Ride a horse
2. Jump off the 10m diving board
3. Climb a mountain
4. Go camping
5. Ride a rollercoaster
6. Learn to surf
7. Go stargazing
8. Get a tattoo
9. Do the scariest thing you can think of

After all, how hard can it be to complete the list? Except number nine means that Lydia must open herself up to her past to move on with her future . . .

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