I Can Cook from the Garden

Book cover for 'I Can Cook from the Garden'
Genre Children's


Apr 2012
  • UK Hamlyn Publishing
Series 3 of the popular CBeebies' series i can cook will increasingly connect children with where their food comes from. Kids will learn how to grow and cook food through focused recipe features - the key ingredients will be spotlighted with interesting facts that allows the children to discover where and how that item grows. Even with all the useful and fun gardening tips, this book is first and foremost a recipe book - but is creatively structured around ingredients and how to grow them. There are instructions for planting seeds, nurturing crops and harvesting, as well as recipes for using those foods in finished dishes. With a range of crops detailed, children will be shown how to grow simple herbs in household pots and larger plants, like tomatoes and broccoli, in the back garden. Children will learn about the whole growing process - from planting seeds, watching them sprout and unearthing home-grown vegetables. Children and parents alike will embrace the core promise of i can cook - which is great recipes that genuinely enable 3-5 year olds to prepare and cook dishes themselves.