How Not To Get Fat: Your Daily Diet

Book cover for 'How Not To Get Fat: Your Daily Diet'
Genre Non-Fiction


Dec 2009
  • UK Quadrille

The principle behind How Not To Get Fat is simple: the most effective way to manage our weight is not to get fat in the first place! Instead of dieting, we need to learn how to eat, and in this follow-up to HNTGF, Ian Marber shows you how to eat in a way that helps you to manage your weight, enjoy your food, keep up your energy levels for longer and reduce hunger pangs. In Your Daily Diet Ian summarises his theory and then puts it into practice with a wealth of ideas for meals and snacks so that readers know exactly what they can eat on a daily basis without getting fat. He provides essential information on 50 healthy foods - including advice on how to buy, prepare, cook, and flavour them - and gives over 200 suggestions on how to turn them into easy yet enticing meals and snacks. There are also delicious recipes, each photographed in colour, to show how tempting your food can be. Ian has also devised 10 food planners, focused on different ages and lifestyles, each with daily meals and snacks to show readers how easy it is to eat well without gaining weight. How Not to Get Fat: Your Daily Diet is the ultimate good-eating book that guarantees you will never get fat.

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