How Not To Get Fat

Book cover for 'How Not To Get Fat'
Genre Non-Fiction


Dec 2009
  • UK Quadrille
If all diets work, why is it such a problem for us to maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying life? And why do we fall into the trap of sending ourselves on an endless rollercoaster of boom and bust, dieting and overeating, which makes us feel bad or ashamed about ourselves? In Ian Marber s long-standing experience as a nutritional therapist, most people want to eat in a way that satisfies their hunger, enables them to enjoy good food, minimises cravings, and works with even the busiest work, or social, schedule all without gaining weight. We do not always understand how our bodies work and therefore how and what to eat. Ian explains how to ensure that the food we eat is enjoyable and converts to energy rather than fat. And we do not always think about ourselves, and food, in a positive way. We often see food as the enemy, and engage in a battle that we feel we will always lose. Or attitudes from family, friends, colleagues, and the media about our weight, or how we should look, lead many of us to try extreme diets, buy lowcalorie foods, or over-exercise. We learn how to diet, not how to eat, and when we treat ourselves the weight creeps back on and another cycle of emotional guilt and self-denial begins. In this revolutionary but commonsense book, Ian tells the reader how to eat so that they will never get fat. This is not a one-off diet book, it is a way of life...that works! Radical yet realistic, packed with quotes and scenarios that the reader will recognise, informative yet humorous, Ian Marber delivers us from dieting.

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