Her Fixer Upper

Book cover for 'Her Fixer Upper'
Genre Fiction


May 2023
  • UK One More Chapter, HarperCollins
  • Spain HarperCollins Ibérica

Freya dreams of owning her own home, but with rent taking up far too much of her salary, she’s approximately a decade away from having a deposit ready. She’s fed up of money experts claiming that if people gave up avo toast and fancy coffees, they’d be able to afford a property in no time. She’s allergic to avocados and the only coffee she buys is the instant variety.

Charlie is struggling to get a mortgage, despite running a successful social media business and doing odd jobs on the side. His advisor said he’d have better chance if he was part of a couple, but there’s no chance of that happening soon, especially as he still lives at home while he saves up.

When the two old friends bump into each other on a night out, Charlie jokes that they should get married to buy a house. But who says they have to get married, why can’t they buy as friends…?

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