Definitely Fine

Book cover for 'Definitely Fine'
Genre Fiction


Aug 2021
  • UK Orion
  • Netherlands The House of Books

Hannah is twenty-eight when the worst happens.

Her first instinct? To call her mum.

The problem is, her mum having an accident, being rushed to hospital and never waking up was the worst thing.

Realising that - alarmingly - she is now the woman of the family, Hannah has to be the rock for her emotionally-repressed Catholic father and formerly-chaotic-now-extremely-weepy younger sister, all while trying to muddle her way through the crucial life lessons her mother never taught her, like:

- How to behave respectably at a funeral
- How to react when your dad starts making lasagne for an unknown woman
- How to broker peace between feuding aunts
- How to ride a tandem
- How to know if you really want a baby or if this is just the grief talking

But what Hannah really wishes her mother had taught her is: when you've just lost the person who made sense of everything, how are you meant to find yourself?

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