Dare to be You

Book cover for 'Dare to be You'
Genre Non-Fiction


Dec 2009
  • UK Orion

This is an unusually wise and well-written self-help book that easily satisfies most readers' requirement of offering practical help. It is devoid of a "method", but aims to share what help psychological counseling, cognitive, and behavior therapy can offer the depressed, sad, bereaved or confused individual. Cecilia d'Felice has addressed herself to the variety of readers who may seek her out who may fall into two broad categories—those who are suffering and those who love someone who is suffering. Dare To Be You has a rare transparency and honesty. Dr. d'Felice is no stranger to illness and medical indifference and misdiagnosis. She tells her own story bravely and without any self-pity, although medical neglect has nearly killed her more than once and has disabled her. Consequently, there is no false optimism in this book. Dr. d'Felice has something different to offer, something like a radiant faith in the way individuals who lack a sense of self-worth can redeem themselves and eventually love themselves. Her message is that life can be seized and is meant to be seized, despite affliction, and in this way lies the salvation of the world in our basic kindness and understanding towards ourselves and all others in our lives. Her advice is practical, and within several of the eight chapters are suggestions for journal writing, mindfulness, and breathing exercises. Dr. d'Felice is one of the rare individuals who has a deep sense of compassion, ignited by circumstances that might have made her bitter instead. Her book has the voice of a wise and loving friend, and offers companionship in the way that the best and most favorite books do.