Christmas with the Cornish Girls

Book cover for 'Christmas with the Cornish Girls'
Genre Fiction


Nov 2021
  • UK Avon

It’s 1941, and Christmas is approaching in St. Ives…

Shy Lily wishes she could hide from the war. But when her friend Eva asks if Lily will join her in working at an officers’ convalescent home in St. Ives, Lily can’t refuse. There are officers to nurse back to health, and a Christmas party to plan…

Eva came to St. Ives to be near Max, the stranger who almost gave his life to protect hers. But now she’s there, the wounded pilot just keeps pushing her away.

Rose can’t help envying beautiful Eva, who turns too many heads. But when she suspects the orphanage next door is mistreating its charges, Eva is the only one who can help her uncover the truth…

Together, can they give the children, and the officers, the Christmas they all so deserve?

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