Best Friends

Book cover for 'Best Friends'
Genre Fiction


Jul 2023
  • UK Storm Publishing

Alice has everything, I mean everything. A stunning suburban house, Instagram-perfect in its soft grey walls and textured neutrals. And then there's her handsome husband, with his flat stomach and that sexy sleeve of tattoos he keeps hidden for his well-paid job in the city. The PTA mamas can't stop staring at him, and who can blame them? And let's not forget her three adorable, well-behaved children.

Meanwhile, here in Boston, I'm struggling to start a family with my husband Ollie. Our marriage is suffering, and I feel so isolated all the time. It's hard not to compare myself to Alice, especially when we unexpectedly reconnect after two decades of silence. I can't help feeling I've been dealt the inferior hand in life.

The worst thing is, I know Alice doesn't deserve any of it. I was once her very best friend in the world, and I know the real Alice better than anyone else.