A Wedding for the Cornish Girls

Book cover for 'A Wedding for the Cornish Girls'
Genre Fiction


Aug 2023
  • UK Avon

Bude, Cornwall, Summer 1943

When eighteen-year-old Alice receives a mysterious work summons for a special unit in Bude, she's terrified but excited. Forbidden from telling a soul, she launches into training for the most important job she’s ever had.

Meanwhile, Penny – a land girl from the farm – also heads to Bude to work at the dairy. Dreaming of finding love, Penny longs for the confidence to speak to a charming local fisherman.

Young widow Florence runs the boarding house where Alice and Penny are staying. Between caring for a small child and her tearaway younger sister, she is utterly run off her feet. So, when two American troops are billeted to her house, Florence butts heads with them immediately.

But might sparks fly for Florence when she least expects it? Can Penny pluck up the courage to pursue romance? And will Alice be up to the task?

Most importantly, can love triumph for the Cornish Girls, even amidst the uncertainty of war?

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