A Lesson in Malice

Book cover for 'A Lesson in Malice'
Genre Fiction


Jun 2023
  • UK Hachette Ireland

When an old university friend invites Finn Fitzpatrick to speak at a conference at her alma mater, Finn reluctantly agrees. Now working as a solicitor with a side interest in investigation, Finn is busy with her own troubles but feels she can’t say no to her former law school classmate. Even though she has no idea why she’s been invited to the conference, or to the exclusive dinner in the College President’s private dining room afterwards.

Then, three days later, a body is discovered in the College grounds, and everyone who was at the President’s dinner is a murder suspect. Including Finn.

Finn is determined to find the killer, and to clear her name. But, as she starts to look into her fellow dinner guests, she unearths a slew of dark secrets, bitter rivalries and hidden agendas. Will Finn let sleeping dogs lie, or risk it all to uncover the truth?

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