A Housefly Buzzes in the Key of F

Book cover for 'A Housefly Buzzes in the Key of F'
Genre Non-Fiction


Nov 2023
  • UK Blink

Did You Know That...

A housefly buzzes in the key of F?

A cockroach can live for a week without its head, before dying of starvation?

During its lifetime, a cow can produce nearly 200,000 glasses of milk? Which is extraordinary, because where is it getting all those glasses?

The natural world is an amazing, compelling and funny place: a place where fact is always more staggering - and often funnier - than fiction. Based on BBC Radio 4's hit science and comedy series Nature Table, and with a foreword from the show's presenter, Sue Perkins, A Housefly Buzzes in the Key of F is a celebration of the astonishing everyday occurrences that happen right under our noses. With fascinating facts from the programme's expert guests along with big jokes, witty anecdotes and fun games, this bumper collection showcases our planet's flora and fauna in all its remarkable and surprising glory.