A Body on the Beach

Book cover for 'A Body on the Beach'
Genre Fiction


Apr 2022
  • UK Bookouture

Nurse Kate Palmer is Cornwall’s answer to Miss Marple… but when she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time can she prove her innocence and solve her most puzzling case yet?

Kate Palmer thought the pretty Cornish seaside village of Tinworthy would be the perfect spot to live out her golden years – how very wrong she was! It’s been one mystery after another ever since she arrived and now Kate finds herself tangled up in a messy feud with glamorous local celebrity Sienna Stone…

A few hours after a showdown between the two women at the village’s annual summer party, Kate discovers Sienna’s body on the beautiful white-sand beach. Rumours swirl around the close-knit community and all eyes are on Kate. When the tables are turned and Kate is accused of murder, can she solve the crime and clear her name?

Kate finds herself running all around Tinworthy investigating those closest to Sienna. Plenty of people disliked her but would any of them go so far as to kill her and frame Kate? Could it be Sienna’s long-suffering husband Irving? Her jealous younger sister Sally? Or the local chef Sienna put out of business?

Just as she thinks she’s getting closer, Sienna’s keenest fan, Timmy, is found dead in his own home. Timmy was another suspect, so his untimely demise could mean Kate’s the next victim… or put her one step closer to jail!

With time running out, Kate needs to find out the truth. Can she solve the case – and save herself? Or have her days of sleuthing come to an end?

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