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Mensun Bound

Born in the Falkland Islands, Mensun Bound is a maritime archaeologist with over 40 years experience of directing wreck searches, surveys and excavations worldwide. He was the Triton Fellow in Maritime Archaeology at St Peter’s College, Oxford. As well as over 30 major excavations and surveys of ships all over the world, (including the discovery of the oldest ever Etruscan shipwreck off the island of Giglio in 1982 and a Ming porcelain shipwreck in Vietnam in 1997), on March 5th 2022, he was Director of Exploration of Endurance22, responsible for locating Shackleton’s Endurance in Antarctica. His first attempt to locate the Endurance was in 2019, the main task being the study of the Larsen C ice shelf, but the hunt had to be abandoned when the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) failed to arrive at a programmed rendezvous point. One hundred years to the day after Shackleton’s death in 1922, Endurance was found at a depth of 3008 meters in the Weddell Sea.

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