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Honey and Co
Sarit Packer Cooking and baking since she was five, trained at Butlers Wharf and at the Orrery under Chris Galvin. Recently she’s been Head of Pastry for Ottolenghi and Executive Head Chef at NOPI. In her spare time she sleeps. Married quite happily to Itamar Srulovich but keeps her maiden name for obvious reasons. Itamar Srulovich Born and raised in Jerusalem. Cooking since the age of five and leaving a great mess in the kitchen ever since, trained on the job in various places in Tel-Aviv. He prefers eating to cooking and sleeping to both, he is very happily married. Honey & Co is our first solo project. 12 years in the making, it is a labour of nothing but love and an extension of our home. The food we cook is the food we grew up on and also the food we grew to love, our moms’ and aunties’ food, the street food we always crave, the food we tried at our friends’ houses, sometimes, things we only heard about or imagined, and most of all, the things we miss from our childhood.

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CHASING SMOKE shortlisted for International or Regional Cookbook at Guild of Food Writer Awards 2022!