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David Gibbins

David Gibbins is one of the world’s foremost maritime archaeologists as well as being a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author. His twelve novels so far have sold over three million copies and are published in thirty languages. He has a PhD in archaeology from Cambridge University, where he was a Research Scholar of Corpus Christi College and then held a Research Fellowship. After teaching archaeology as an academic he became a full-time writer and researcher. His main ‘Jack Howard’ series of novels are adventure thrillers based on his own experiences as an underwater archaeologist, and he has also published novels of historical fiction set in the ancient world. In four decades of underwater exploration he has dived on shipwrecks around the world ranging in date from prehistory to the modern period, and has made many spectacular discoveries. After spending the first part of his career working on Roman and Greek wrecks in the Mediterranean he now runs a research group called Cornwall Maritime Archaeology focussing on wrecks of the 17th century off south-west England. He was born in Canada and brought up there, in New Zealand and in England, and divides his time between underwater exploration and writing.

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