Cathy FitzGerald

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Cathy FitzGerald

Cathy FitzGerald is a radio producer and presenter. She made her first documentary – The Magic Carpet Flight Manual – in 2010 and has since won Arias, Third Coast Festival, Whicker’s World Foundation, APA and Prix Marulic awards for BBC programmes on topics including reindeer-racing, love-letter ghostwriting, and why we like looking at blue sky. Her series for BBC Radio 4 include 'The Invisible College' (little lessons in creative writing from a ghostly array of great novelists), 'Moving Pictures', in conjunction with Google Arts & Culture, and the Arias-winning, 'Life on Lockdown'. The Radio Times calls her 'one of radio's most original voices.'

She's the founder and caretaker of Strange & Charmed, a school for audio storytellers and has a DPhil in the work of Charles Dickens.

'Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse' is her first novel.

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Farshore acquires magical middle-grade series PINCH PERKINS by debut author Cathy FitzGerald